Founded by Mike Govoni, Breath by Breath Wellness empowers clients to transform their lives by strengthening and using their mind-body connection.

As a Certified Holistic Heath Coach, Mike has the education, knowledge and most importantly the actual life experience to help his clients fine-tune their life to achieve peace, balance, wellness, and improved health.

He understands that everyone has a life story. Mike’s story isn’t one for the faint of heart. In his lifetime, Mike overcame immense struggles, oppression, hypocrisy, as well as mental and physical suffering.

At the tender age of seventeen, he was forced to leave his childhood home and fend for himself. As a young adult, this time in his life was a dark period because of the stress and pressure of his difficult situation. Coupled with dealing with his troubled childhood, he began using drugs and alcohol to escape the pain. Life wasn’t about living; it was about survival. To make matters worse, he took those pains, fears, and negative emotions and internalized them instead of turning to others for help. Looking back, he suspects that the stress of this period of his life was a major contributor to getting diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a severe autoimmune condition.

He believes there are two kinds of suffering.

“There are two kinds of suffering. There is suffering you run away from, which follows you everywhere. And there is the suffering you face directly, and so become free.”   – Ajahn Chah

Stepping into the Colosseum of life to face each beast and conquer them, Mike chose to fight for his freedom and overcome the obstacles in his life.

He decided to heal the childhood wounds, break free from addiction and heal his debilitating autoimmune disease. It wasn’t until he looked inward that he discovered the way out. The power of meditation was the necessary catalyst in his self-healing, both physically and mentally.

Mike knows what physical health and wellness look and feel like on the outside and the inside. He understands the benefits and discipline of using holistic healing methods to manage debilitating autoimmunity and chronic disease.

He cares for people and feels it is his life purpose to teach others integrative holistic healing methods and practices to uplift and heal themselves naturally through the mind-body connection.

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